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Drmadhu, best hair transplant surgeon,hair doctor, baldness treatment,Hair Transpantation in India,Hyderabad,ChennaiDr.Madhu's Advanced Hair Transplant Center,Hyderabad is really advanced in all aspects of hair transplantion and is consistently producing best results. It is not only catering to the people of Hyderabad and NRI�s & foreign nationals also at affordable cost. This centre is not only for hair transplants but also provides medical treatment to prevent hair loss and further progression of baldness.

It is located in the heart of Hyderabad "CITY OF PEARLS",jubilee hills hydrebad, INDIA. We have an ultra modern hospital with sophisticated equipment run by efficient team of highly qualified and skillful Hair transplant surgeons, providing state of the art Hair transplant surgery.
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Hair transplantation means, transplanting live hair roots onto the
bald area.(RECIPIENT AREA). These transplanted hair roots behave in the same manner as the hair from the area where they are extracted from.
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For one, who is drowning in the sea, a twig or branch is a big boon. If he was to get a boat with oars, then it is a miracle. I am one such person who has experienced this miracle.

From Malaysia
Hair Transplant in India
After hearing and reading many good reports about Dr.Madhu on the internet I travelled to India from England. The doctor and all of his staff made the experience very easy and pleasant.
Mr. Auckland,
From England.
Hair Transplant in India

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Dr.Madhu is the First Indian to be re-certified by ABHRS

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Dr.Madhu is a member of ISHRS

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